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Benito at Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Benito is now in Corpus Christi, TX at Driscoll Children’s Hospital!
Thanks to the medical team at Driscoll’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center  for placing an order of books, and for being willing to send us a photo of two of their team members holding Benito’s book.


Families and patients dealing with a diagnosis of pediatric cancer or a blood disorder can rely on Driscoll Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center for the most advanced treatments available for infants, children and adolescents. The compassionate physicians and staff are skilled with providing emotional and psychological support for patients and families. Patients receive treatment in a child-friendly and entertaining atmosphere. Hugs, play areas and friends made at summer camps help children through their diagnosis and treatment.

Please join us in supporting Driscoll Children’s Hospital by liking their Facebook page  and by learning more about them at their website.

by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

Benito at Children’s Book World

My biggest thanks to Sharon Hearn for placing a  wholesale order of books for her book store, and for so kindly kindly providing a wealth of suggestions and advice on how to market Benito’s book.

Sharon is the founder and owner of Children’s Book World, a book store in West Los Angeles that has been open since 1986, and is a full-service children’s bookshop, stocking over 80,000 titles for children, parents, teachers and collectors. They carry a large selection of music, audio books, DVDs, craft and science kits, and educational aids.


Sharon Hearn and Alan Quinonez at Children's Book World

Sharon Hearn and Alan Quinonez at Children’s Book World

Barack Obama proclaims September as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Barack Obama has just proclaimed September as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. His proclamation reads “… I do hereby proclaim September 2015 as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I encourage all citizens, government agencies, private businesses, non-profit organizations, and other groups to join in activities that will increase awareness and prevention of childhood cancer.”

To join this effort, we are offering 25% off in all orders placed during September, by entering the code SEP25
Please help us spread the word and consider donating books to your local hospital!


You can read the President’s full statement at the White House website, and you can visit our store at

Benito, You Can Do It!

benito_logoWritten and illustrated by Alan Quinonez,”Benito, You Can Do It!” is a bilingual book for kids with cancer  that is helping families find strength and hope when one of their little ones is diagnosed with the disease.
Learn more

Benito at the 33rd Annual Child Life Conference

Benito was in  Cincinnati, Ohio at the 33rd Annual Child Life Conference!
Thanks to my friend Christina Wallerstein from Playopolis Toys for so kindly taking Benito with her, placing  the book front and center on her booth and for making postcards about the book available to all participants.

Benito's book at Playopolis' booth

Benito’s book at Playopolis’ booth

Benito’s book is now available at Kindle and iTunes Stores!

Benito’s book is now available at the Amazon Kindle and Apple iTunes ebook stores for $7.99.
Can you kindly download a copy for your favorite platform and help us rate and review it?


Kindle & iTunes downloads, ratings and reviews make a big difference, and we’ll be the most grateful if you can help us with one of these. Visit Benito’s Store to get started.


March is National Child Life Month

March is National Child Life Month and our campaign for CHLA goes on:
About 300 kids will come to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) for cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2015.
With your help, Benito’s book will give comfort and hope to these children. Join us at so that each kid receives a copy to keep!


Benito at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – HOPE Resource Center

My biggest thanks to Kathy Ruccione, Susan Gantan and Jacqueline Gilberto for opening the doors of CHLA’s (Children’s Hospital of LA) HOPE Resource Center so my friend Christina Wallerstein and I could introduce them to the Benito Books Series.

The HOPE Program provides compassionate care and support for patients diagnosed and treated at CHLA. They create innovative approaches to psychosocial care, and in concert with the caregivers at CHLA, work to reduce suffering and improve quality of life for the patients.

Kathy Ruccione and her team offered us a wealth of advice on ways to further promote Benito’s book series. We donated a few books and left feeling inspired, with clear action items to follow up. More updates will be coming soon!


Benito at HOPE Resource Center

Benito at the 2014 Latino Cancer Summit

From July 20 – July 22nd my dear friend Ana Contreras and I attended the 2014 Biennial National Latino Cancer Summit.

Organized by Latinas Contra Cancer,  this event provides opportunities for sharing and learning how to improve the education of our Community about cancer prevention, intervention and support.

We had the opportunity to meet and network with organizations which work and research  are making a difference in the lives of many:

Our gratitude to the everyone who stopped by our table and is helping us spread the word about our books, with special thanks to Ysabel Duron and her team, for inviting us to be part of this fabulous event.

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