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Benito at the 33rd Annual Child Life Conference

Benito was in  Cincinnati, Ohio at the 33rd Annual Child Life Conference!
Thanks to my friend Christina Wallerstein from Playopolis Toys for so kindly taking Benito with her, placing  the book front and center on her booth and for making postcards about the book available to all participants.

Benito's book at Playopolis' booth

Benito’s book at Playopolis’ booth

Benito’s book is now available at Kindle and iTunes Stores!

Benito’s book is now available at the Amazon Kindle and Apple iTunes ebook stores for $7.99.
Can you kindly download a copy for your favorite platform and help us rate and review it?


Kindle & iTunes downloads, ratings and reviews make a big difference, and we’ll be the most grateful if you can help us with one of these. Visit Benito’s Store to get started.


Character Gesture Drawing with Stephen Silver

This past 03/04/15 we wrapped up 8 weeks of the Character Gesture Drawing with Stephen Silver.  My highlights from this class are:

  • The personalized attention and feedback from Stephen.
  • The great group of talented artists that were my classmates.
  • Being able to practice drawing gesture both nude and in full costume, from a different model every week .

This class is certainly worth repeating, and I’ll be back into it next fall!


March is National Child Life Month

March is National Child Life Month and our campaign for CHLA goes on:
About 300 kids will come to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) for cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2015.
With your help, Benito’s book will give comfort and hope to these children. Join us at so that each kid receives a copy to keep!


Caricature with Jason Seiler – Weeks 7, 8 & 9

The assignment in “The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler” spans 3 weeks, since it is the most complex project yet:

We start on week 7 by sketching the face our subject – Jake Gyllenhaal from his “Nightcrawler” movie.

Week 7 - Face studies


Moving unto week 8, our task is to gather and make our own reference, so I asked my good friend Rommel Ruiz to help me pose for the project.
I was pretty unhappy with the results of week 7. Yet the guidance from some of my mentors helped me to work even further, by doing more basic shape explorations of Jake’s head, as well as pushing the pose a bit more.


Finally, on week 9 we do the full rendering of the face, the pose and the props. The process is shown below. Overall I’m super excited for the learning and the results, and am grateful towards Jason Seiler for setting such high standards and pushing us to do our very best.

Gesture Drawing with Mark McDonnell

Since mid September, my good friend Rommel Ruiz and I have been attending Mark McDonnell’s Gesture Drawing Class at the Animation Guild in Burbank, CA. The class runs from Sept 16th to Dec 2nd 2014 and we are now on week 9.

Mark is one of the most animated and humorous teachers I have had: Every time he is drawing a character he embodies and becomes such character through his voice and demeanor, making the whole class giggle and laugh while learning.

Two big highlights are how Mark gives comprehensive handouts and fosters such unique learning  environment:
He encourages us to take risks and go much further that just drawing a figure floating in space, instead he help us to add and design key elements, in order to tell a story.

Below is the class syllabus, along with some images and photos from the class:

  • Week 1: Fundamentals and Warm-Ups
  • Week 2: Importance of a Sketchbook
  • Week 3: Utilizing Silhouettes
  • Week 4: Using “Cheats” / Pushing the Pose
  • Week 5: Gravity & the Ground Plane
  • Week 6: Fleshing out the Story
  • Week 7: Using different Mediums
  • Week 8: Using symbolic Color/Color linking
  • Week 9: Adding Finishing Touches
  • Week 10: Professionalism – Completing your Sentence
  • Week 11: Professionalism – Presenting your Artwork
  • Week 12: Final Thoughts

Benito at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – HOPE Resource Center

My biggest thanks to Kathy Ruccione, Susan Gantan and Jacqueline Gilberto for opening the doors of CHLA’s (Children’s Hospital of LA) HOPE Resource Center so my friend Christina Wallerstein and I could introduce them to the Benito Books Series.

The HOPE Program provides compassionate care and support for patients diagnosed and treated at CHLA. They create innovative approaches to psychosocial care, and in concert with the caregivers at CHLA, work to reduce suffering and improve quality of life for the patients.

Kathy Ruccione and her team offered us a wealth of advice on ways to further promote Benito’s book series. We donated a few books and left feeling inspired, with clear action items to follow up. More updates will be coming soon!


Benito at HOPE Resource Center

Kirby’s Drawing Night at Silver’s Academy

This past Friday we had another smash hit at Silver’s Academy: My good friend Rommel Ruiz took on  dynamic and challenging poses from Jack Kirby’s super heroes, once again.

We all had the chance to draw each pose for 3 minutes, and the rotate around our model, so that we get a 360 degree view. With music from epic movies playing in the background, as well as the camaraderie from other artist, this is one of my favorite way to spend a Friday Night.

Below are some pictures and drawings from the event:

Caricature with Jason Seiler – Week 6

Week 6 at “The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler” teaches us how to paint hair and we study the human skull.

For the assignment, we did caricatures for 3 citizens, including a view of their skull. I decided to focus on developing my crosshatching technique, and started this fantastic drawing app called Mischief.

There are several features that make drawing with this app a unique experience:

  • The pen responsiveness and fluidity is unlike any other drawing app.
  • The app opens immediately and the .art files that it creates are ridiculously small.
  • Your canvas is infinite and so are the number of undo’s
  • Best of all, they have nailed a mathematical stroke representation that has the soft gradations of pixel, with the scalability  of vectors – which means that your art can be printed at ANY size, and you’ll not see any pixelation.
  • They are running a “back to school” promotion that offers a 60% discount.

Below are my 3 pieces #madeWithMischief 🙂

Caricature with Jason Seiler – Week 5

Week 5 at “The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler” introduces us to color. To keep the color harmony, we use of a split-complementary color palette, which quickly simplifies the colors to choose from. Jason offers 2 methods of painting:

  • a) Colorizing a value based underpainting
  • b) Painting in color from the get go

Below is my process from sketch to painting for a caricature of Robin Williams.

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