Last night I had a chance to attend the talk “Behind the Scenes: Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive!” organized by the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) and hosted at Woodbury University in Burbank, CA.
This was my first gaming related panel that I’ve attended, and it made me fel inspired and even more excited to become part of this industry.
The Creative Director, Lead Character Artist and Senior UI Artist from Insomniac were in the panel and they shared with us how it took them 3 years to develop the game.
Some of the key points from their talk:

  • How they iterated through different concepts that would ensure their game was irrevent, colorful, celebratory and with lots of inside jokes.
  • The challenge of developing a lead character that is irreverent, without making him/her a complete asshole.
  • The process by which a character is developed: From design docs, to thumbnail brainstorming, to final artwork, passing to character modelers and beyond.
  • How they went through 3 entire different worlds and game mechanics to arrive into the final version.

My highlight of the night was meeting Jaume More, Senior UI Artist at Insomniac. Jaume was born in Spain, he started as a graphic designer, and moved into UI and Web Design.
After years of hard work and networking he found his way working for the video game industry, and he has been at Insomniac Games for the past year and a half.
Jaume was in charge of the Heads-up display (HUD) for Sunset Overdrive. You can see Jaume previous and recent work at

Big thanks to my good friend and talented artist Alice Grosseman Mattosinho,  for making me aware of this free event!