Continuing with the “Gesture Drawing with Alex Woo” class, Lesson 4 focuses on Space.

  • There are about a dozen way to convey depth and space into our drawings: Linear Perspective, Overlaps, Light & Shadow, Atmospheric Perspective, etc.  These are called “Depth Cues”.
  • On this lesson, we focus on the use of perspective to get rid of the “flat effect” and better convey the ground plane in which the model is standing.
  • Akin to what we did on Week 3, we will have slightly rotate the model in our drawing to improve both the silhouette and a sense of depth.
  • Alex stresses the importance of :
    1. Adhering to a time limit of 1 minute per drawing – no extra editing or line polishing.
    2. Try out drawing with your non-dominant hand (left, in my case).
  • Below is assignment from week 4: