This past Friday June 13th I attended my very first Figure Drawing from Top to Bottom with Karl Gnass class, which runs from June to September at the American Animation Institute in Burbank, CA.
We had a packed classroom with 28 of us, drawing our female model Linette, in poses lasting 2 mins, 3 mins and 5mins.


Highlights from Week 1:

  • It’s of primary importance to develop your own general model of the human figure, so that you can measure it against all models  in front of you.
  • When drawing from a model, you are not only copying, but rather telling a story based on:
    • What you see
    • What your imagination adds up

3 Stages of drawing:

  1. Gesture – Tell me a story in a few lines as possible, depicting landmarks for the 8 parts of the body (You do this using your intuition, like an idea).
  2. Formulation – This is the cerebral part, you add shape and volumes, check lengths and widths.
  3. Vocabulary – With your knowledge of anatomy, you trace the organic forms of the muscles and tissue.

3 ways to draw:

  1. Across the figure , with long lines of action
  2. Around the figure, drawing through your shapes
  3. Through the figure, becomes useful when drawing obstructed forms.


Throughout the day I had the chance to draw 41 poses, shown below: