The assignment in “The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler” spans 3 weeks, since it is the most complex project yet:

We start on week 7 by sketching the face our subject – Jake Gyllenhaal from his “Nightcrawler” movie.

Week 7 - Face studies


Moving unto week 8, our task is to gather and make our own reference, so I asked my good friend Rommel Ruiz to help me pose for the project.
I was pretty unhappy with the results of week 7. Yet the guidance from some of my mentors helped me to work even further, by doing more basic shape explorations of Jake’s head, as well as pushing the pose a bit more.


Finally, on week 9 we do the full rendering of the face, the pose and the props. The process is shown below. Overall I’m super excited for the learning and the results, and am grateful towards Jason Seiler for setting such high standards and pushing us to do our very best.