Since mid September, my good friend Rommel Ruiz and I have been attending Mark McDonnell’s Gesture Drawing Class at the Animation Guild in Burbank, CA. The class runs from Sept 16th to Dec 2nd 2014 and we are now on week 9.

Mark is one of the most animated and humorous teachers I have had: Every time he is drawing a character he embodies and becomes such character through his voice and demeanor, making the whole class giggle and laugh while learning.

Two big highlights are how Mark gives comprehensive handouts and fosters such unique learning  environment:
He encourages us to take risks and go much further that just drawing a figure floating in space, instead he help us to add and design key elements, in order to tell a story.

Below is the class syllabus, along with some images and photos from the class:

  • Week 1: Fundamentals and Warm-Ups
  • Week 2: Importance of a Sketchbook
  • Week 3: Utilizing Silhouettes
  • Week 4: Using “Cheats” / Pushing the Pose
  • Week 5: Gravity & the Ground Plane
  • Week 6: Fleshing out the Story
  • Week 7: Using different Mediums
  • Week 8: Using symbolic Color/Color linking
  • Week 9: Adding Finishing Touches
  • Week 10: Professionalism – Completing your Sentence
  • Week 11: Professionalism – Presenting your Artwork
  • Week 12: Final Thoughts