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Month: September 2014

Kirby’s Drawing Night at Silver’s Academy

This past Friday we had another smash hit at Silver’s Academy: My good friend Rommel Ruiz took on  dynamic and challenging poses from Jack Kirby’s super heroes, once again.

We all had the chance to draw each pose for 3 minutes, and the rotate around our model, so that we get a 360 degree view. With music from epic movies playing in the background, as well as the camaraderie from other artist, this is one of my favorite way to spend a Friday Night.

Below are some pictures and drawings from the event:

Caricature with Jason Seiler – Week 6

Week 6 at “The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler” teaches us how to paint hair and we study the human skull.

For the assignment, we did caricatures for 3 citizens, including a view of their skull. I decided to focus on developing my crosshatching technique, and started this fantastic drawing app called Mischief.

There are several features that make drawing with this app a unique experience:

  • The pen responsiveness and fluidity is unlike any other drawing app.
  • The app opens immediately and the .art files that it creates are ridiculously small.
  • Your canvas is infinite and so are the number of undo’s
  • Best of all, they have nailed a mathematical stroke representation that has the soft gradations of pixel, with the scalability  of vectors – which means that your art can be printed at ANY size, and you’ll not see any pixelation.
  • They are running a “back to school” promotion that offers a 60% discount.

Below are my 3 pieces #madeWithMischief 🙂

Caricature with Jason Seiler – Week 5

Week 5 at “The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler” introduces us to color. To keep the color harmony, we use of a split-complementary color palette, which quickly simplifies the colors to choose from. Jason offers 2 methods of painting:

  • a) Colorizing a value based underpainting
  • b) Painting in color from the get go

Below is my process from sketch to painting for a caricature of Robin Williams.

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