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Month: July 2014

Caricature with Jason Seiler – Week 3

On week 3, we focus entirely on values. Jason provided us with a sketch and photo of his friend Gary. After watching Jason doing a value painting in Photoshop, it was our turn do our version.

Key steps to consider:

  • Define a value scale with Dark, mid-tone, light tone and white
  • At the beginning, apply a mid-tone (close to the skin of the character) to the overall painting
  • Do no get caught up in a specific facial feature. Instead look at the shape and determine the most appropriate value, given the surroundings.
  • In a way, your job as a painter is similar to the job of a reporter: You observe and report what you see, now back in your canvas.

Below is the process for my week 3 assignment:

Benito at the 2014 Latino Cancer Summit

From July 20 – July 22nd my dear friend Ana Contreras and I attended the 2014 Biennial National Latino Cancer Summit.

Organized by Latinas Contra Cancer,  this event provides opportunities for sharing and learning how to improve the education of our Community about cancer prevention, intervention and support.

We had the opportunity to meet and network with organizations which work and research  are making a difference in the lives of many:

Our gratitude to the everyone who stopped by our table and is helping us spread the word about our books, with special thanks to Ysabel Duron and her team, for inviting us to be part of this fabulous event.

Caricature with Jason Seiler – Week 2

On week 2, Jason stresses the importance of  shapes and their relationships in the face, by observing:

  • What comes out, and what is indented.
  • What is the longest, and what is the most narrow.
  • Where is the widest part in the face
  • How much character comes out from the flawed symmetry of the face

On our assignment, we explored the head shapes of the 3 citizens and we developed a final drawing of Nancy Pelosi.

Caricature with Jason Seiler – Week 1

This past Tuesday June 24, I started my online class The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler at Schoolism.
Jason is a fantastic teacher whose illustrations and paintings have been featured as covers and interiors of  Rolling Stone, TIME, The New York Times, etc. and over the course of 9 weeks, Jason will teach his principles and techniques when doing caricature.

Week 1 focuses on basic concepts like:

  • Inner and outer head
  • Defining where do we want to put the “weight” in the face.
  • Looking for simple shapes
  • The importance of the relationship of the features in the face

Our first assignment was to do about 15 caricatures of the citizens photographed by our teacher, as well as final pencil rendering of Tom Hanks. I have to confess that I had a very hard time trying to capture the likeness of the subjects! My plan is to use this week’s piece about Tom Hanks as a reference of my skill level, and to redo it once the class is over in order to compare the improvement.
Below are my assignments for week 1… now unto week 2! 🙂

Meeting Pascal Campion

This past Sunday, along with my good friend Rommel Ruiz, I had the chance to meet one of my all-around illustration heroes: Pascal Campion.

Meeting Pascal Campion

Pascal is a French-American illustrator and animator living in the SF Bay Area. The way that he is able to capture and communicate intimate moments about childhood, relationships and the beauty in every day life is a true source of inspiration for me. Simply take a look at some of his pieces below, so you can see what I mean!

From June 27th and until Aug 3rd, 2014 you can see his first exhibit in L.A. “3000 Moments” at the Center Stage Gallery in Burbank, CA.

You can see more of Pascal’s beautiful work and signup to receive a daily sketch from him at

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