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Month: May 2014

Mother’s Day Walk 2014

This past Sunday May 11th, we got together at the 10th Annual Mother’s Day Walk Against Cancer in San Jose, CA. Walking from City Hall towards the Mexican Heritage Plaza, we were chanting and enjoying each the  company of children who are cancer survivors.

Once at the Plaza, we all enjoyed a healthy breakfast, music, raffles and a moment of reflection for those who have passed, those who are going through,  and those who have survived the disease.

Many thanks to the many volunteers and Chief Larry Esquivel  and his team from the San Jose Police Department for helping us make this such a memorable and successful event.

Benito at the 32nd Annual Child Life Conference

Benito is in New Orleans at the 32nd Annual Child Life Conference in New Orleans!
If you are a Child Life Specialist or Medical Professional, and are at the conference, make sure to stop by the Playopolis Toys booth (Booths 34 and 35).
My biggest thanks to Christina Wallerstein for so kindly placing Benito front and center on her booth!


Benito’s book at Playopolis’ booth

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