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Month: March 2014

Perspective – Week 8

In week 8, we study Parallel Light (Sun Light) and we present our final 3-point scene.


Dynamic Sketch II – Week 7

In week 7, the class goes to the Chino Air Museum to focus on Airplanes. While I could not make to the museum, I drew from photo references and posted my work-in-progress for an “Atlantean Hovercraft”.


Perspective – Week 7

In week 7, we study Point Light (as in light from a light bulb) and we draft our final scene.

Dynamic Sketch II – Week 6

In week 6, we visit the American Military Museum to draw Military Vehicles. Continuing the Atlantis/Center of the Earth story, I design an “Atlantean Deep Sea Submarine”

Perspective – Week 6

In week 6, we  plot a living room in 3-point perspective and we start thumbnailing our final scene.


Dynamic Sketch II – Week 5

In week 5, we visit The Nethercutt Museum to draw Classic Cars

Perspective – Week 5

In week 5, we flesh out one of the thumbnailed spaceships from week 4, and we start collecting photo reference for our final project.

Dynamic Sketch II – Week 4

In week 4, the class goes to the LA Zoo to focus on Animals. While I could not make to the zoo, I drew from photo reference. My creature redesign project for this week consists of fleshing out the skeleton designed on week 3.

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