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Month: February 2014

Perspective – Week 4

In week 4, we continue studying compound shapes, in the form of symmetrical space-ship like shapes.


Dynamic Sketch II – Week 3

In week 3, we pay another visit to the Natural History Museum in LA , and this time we study their Bones and Fossils collection. We also start polishing our ideation and redesign process by developing more thumbnails and ideas.

Perspective – Week 3

In week 3,  we study  intersections between basic shapes as well as compound surfaces.


Dynamic Sketch II – Week 2

In week 2, we visit the Natural History Museum in LA to check out their insect collection.  Aside from drawing insects, we start developing a “background story” from which all our redesign projects can be based off.

I chose to follow an imaginary spin off between Disney’s Atlantis and Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth.


Perspective – Week 2

In week 2, we start  practicing placement of figures in the horizon line, as well using diagonals to find equidistant objects.

Dynamic Sketch II – Week 1

From February to april 2014, I took the 8-week CGMA Class Dynamic Sketching I with Peter Han.

Week 1 is a recap from Dynamic Sketching 1, and it focuses on warmup exercises with lines, ellipses, textures and organic shapes.

Perspective – Week 1

From February to April 2014, I took the 8-week CGMA class Intro to Perspective with Derek Kosol.
In week 1, we explore the basic shapes in 1 and 2 point perspective systems.

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